Welcome to Netsafe Schools

New for 2024, Netsafe have launched our brand new “Kete by Netsafe” education website. You can see it here: https://education.netsafe.org.nz/


Our new Kete website allows school leaders and teachers to:

  • Create an easy-link login via your email, allowing you to create your own account/profile
  • From here you can search for materials either by your role (e.g. school leadership tools), by year group you teach (e.g. Year 7-8) or by topic (e.g. Cyberbullying)
  • You can save your favourite resources in your kete, making them easy to find again
  • Included in this new build is a raft of new resources across a range of formats to ensure you can cover every topic at every age. This includes lesson plans as well as classroom-ready materials for students to interact with
  • You can easily share these materials with students from QR codes created on the page


Soon we will add our new self-assessment tool – an interactive tool based on our Educator Framework – allowing you to measure your progress in various areas and serving you up recommendations of the appropriate tools or resources to help you improve in that area.


  • “It’s really, really important to know that when those difficult things do come, that support is just a phone call to someone to say, “Can you help me to deal with this so we can resolve this well” – it gives our leadership team confidence”.

    Rachele Poole, DPTe Matauru School
  • “Being a Netsafe School gives real reassurance to our community because they can see that we’re actually working with a really credible company who have expertise in this area.”

    Rachele Poole, DPTe Matauru School
  • The advice I would give other schools who are considering signing up to the Netsafe Schools Programme is to do it. Along our journey we found the support from the Netsafe team invaluable to bounce ideas off and to get validation for the work we are doing.

    Ben Claxton, Deputy PrincipalPapatoetoe High School
  • “As a school we grappled with finding a way to balance introducing some restrictions without stifling the opportunities. The YAS programme has offered us the chance to help our students become more informed about possible dangers through an educative  approach. The power of this programme is that it is led by student leaders within our school."

    Deputy PrincipalManurewa High School
  • The Netsafe Review Tool allowed us to progress with confidence. The structure and support it affords makes evaluation simple and the next steps clear.

    Benjamin Silk, e-learning Co-ordinatorManurewa High School
  • Being part of the Netsafe Schools Programme has brought clarity and substance to our digital citizenship policies and procedures. The programme is robust enough to accompany us as we move into a future where there will be numerous and unforeseen challenges in the digital space.

    Benjamin Silk, e-learning Co-ordinatorManurewa High School