ICT Systems

Computer security is of vital importance to schools including kura. While good computer security practices will not protect the school and students from all online safety challenges, it decreases opportunities for avoidable problems.

In 2017, New Zealand established a Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT). CERT NZ supports people and organisations to avoid and manage cyber security threats. They can provide you with up to date and authoritative information and advice.

CERT NZ have produced a guide for school and kura leaders to help with internal decision making and when engaging external ICT service providers. It provides guidance on securing school systems, users and devices.

Netsafe recommends ICT support staff and service providers review CERT NZ’s critical controls advice and subscribe for up to date threat information and advice.

If you have a cyber security incident, report it to CERT NZ to receive confidential advice and assistance. Many school cyber security incidents are complex and intertwined with online safety incidents. You do not need to diagnose complex incidents and report to multiple parties. If you’re not sure where to go to for help, don’t worry. We operate on a no-wrong doors policy with CERT NZ, and have mechanisms in place to share incident information with your consent where required.

Well written school policies and guidelines can make an important contribution to a secure ICT environment. Standard policies, guidelines and use agreements are available from the Netsafe Kit for Schools site.

Find more information about CERT NZ and report cyber security incidents by visiting  CERT NZ