Staff Guidelines for Safe Digital Technology Use

Digital technology continues to provide educators with new ways to engage and educate their students. However, these same technologies often present complex challenges and dilemmas for educators. From the challenges of managing device security, to keeping private and professional lives separate – there is no doubt that technology has added complexity.

Staff guidelines are designed to provide clarity, protection, and support for educators as they navigate a complex digital landscape, and when necessary, support disciplinary processes.  To maximise their value, it is recommended that guidelines be developed in conjunction with staff.

Staff signatures are not required for the guidelines to be used in disciplinary processes. However, the school must be confident that all staff have been made aware of the expectations and responsibilities and what each means in practice.

These guidelines need to be consistent with existing legal and ethical responsibilities for educators such as those outlined in the ;Teaching Council of Aotearoa’s Our Code, Our Standards|Ngā Tikanga Matatika, Ngā Paerewa, and individual employment agreements for staff.  It is strongly recommended that staff guidelines be reviewed and updated annually.