Guidance for Schools and Kura

Guidance for Schools and Kura

Schools are busy places and across the country schools and kura constantly demonstrate how agile, forward thinking and flexible they are.

After a challenging time exploring different ways to learn and teach, schools are now looking ahead at how they can continue to explore and develop online safety, digital citizenship and wellbeing within the school environment.

There isn’t an online safety manual for what’s needed or how things should look, so Netsafe has gathered together resources to help.

If your school is weighing up different platforms and trying to decide which one best suits your needs, Netsafe’s Digital Safety Management Plan will help guide you through that process.

Our guidance related to student use around school-owned devices offers advice for when you are distributing devices as well as staff guidelines to ensure the safety of staff and students during remote learning.

Given the speed with which the learning landscape has changed, now is a good time to review school policies and processes which address online safety, digital citizenship and wellbeing.  These key documents need to include a broader understanding of ‘learning environment’ including learning which happens remotely and online.

Guidance for School Counsellors and Pastoral Teams