Online Safety Policy and Plans

School Policy

A policy for online safety and digital citizenship is an important anchor for discussions between teachers, students, parents/whānau and the wider community. A policy should make an important statement about a school or kura’s commitment to creating a safe online environment.

Netsafe has provided a one-page online safety policy that schools and kura are welcome to take and modify. The standard policy has two sections: Rationale and Policy. The rationale section recognises NAG5 links and the value of developing a culture of online safety and digital citizenship. The policy commits the school to developing appropriate supporting procedures and systems. This website and the Safeguard Framework provide the necessary guidance and tools to implement this policy.

Some schools and kura will prefer to develop an entirely custom policy as part of a wider online safety planning and review process.

It is recommended that boards consult with the school community in the establishment of a policy such as this. Community support is a vital component of a successful online safety and digital citizenship programme.

Digital Safety Management Plan

Where digital technology and online platforms are used in the learning environment, it’s important to consider the safe and ethical use of these by all those involved. Netsafe’s Digital Safety Management Plan (DSMP) is designed to help schools and kura consider a number of important aspects.