Workshops and Presentations

Netsafe’s Education Team offer a range of in-person and online workshop and presentation options for schools and kura to support online safety and digital citizenship (funding permitting).

The team can also deliver presentations to organisations and groups in the community, at a subsidised cost.

The team also deliver Netsafe LIVE (free) events in different regions around the country throughout the year.

Whether it’s planning and implementing online safety programmes, embedding learning into the curriculum, or supporting the role of whānau, these sessions offer practical support and timely advice.

We want to support you in meeting the needs of your school and kura. Examples of regular sessions we deliver are outlined below:


– Workshops & Presentations – 


Developing and Leading Online Safety and Digital Citizenship | 60-90 minutes

This session provides an opportunity for leadership teams to review their current practice and initiatives and identify the priorities and next steps.  

We will explore: 

  • Key legislation and regulations and implications  
  • Policies, procedures, and Agreements 
  • Strategies and support for responding to online incidents 
  • Ways to engage ākonga, whānau and the wider community 

For: leadership teams including principals, DP’s and AP’s, deans, pastoral staff, e-learning leaders and representatives from the student body and Board.


Staying Safe Online in Learning Environments | 60-90 minutes

In this session, we unpack what a digital citizen is, how this relates to school values and culture, and the resources available to support learning opportunities for ākonga. We also explore how the learning can involve whānau, caregivers, and members of your school community.  

We will explore:  

  • Agreements to foster safe and effective classroom and home learning 
  • Developing a learner profile on digital devices to support effective active use online 
  • Strategies for ākonga to reduce, minimise, and respond to online harm 
  • Leadership opportunities to develop and promote online safety for your ākonga.  

For: kaiako and anyone working with ākonga 


Managing Online Incidents | 60-90 minutes

To ensure effective management and restorative processes when managing an online incident, it is important to use current legislation and regulations, agencies and partnerships to inform your policies and procedures. 

We will explore: 

  • Opportunities to confidently respond to online incidents  
  • The Harmful Digital Communications Act (HDCA) 
  • What the HDCA means for schools, ākonga, whānau and the community 
  • Strategies and support for schools when faced with an online incident 

For: school leadership teams, deans, school counsellors, pastoral teams 


Whānau and Community Presentation | 60-90 minutes

In this presentation,  Netsafe Education and Schools Team cover key online safety messages for parents and whānau. We provide information and tools to support tamariki in navigating online environments and safely managing the challenges and risks. 

We will explore: 

  • Quick starter tips for parents, whānau and young people 
  • Information to enhance your digital parenting knowledge 
  • Details about the online risks and challenges your child may face 
  • Advice about how you can help your child if something goes wrong online 

For: whānau, parents, caregivers 


The Gaming Toolkit Primer | 60-90 minutes

Netsafe’s Online Gaming Whanau Toolkit outlines a seven-step process to guide families towards safer gaming experiences. Two of the steps in the toolkit recommend that you learn about and explore the platforms and games your tamariki may be using or playing.  

We will explore: 

  • An overview of the Online Safety Parent Toolkit process 
  • A focus on the ‘Learn’ and ‘Explore’ steps to inform the conversations you have with your tamariki 
  • A discussion around the risks and challenges that are part of the gaming space 
  • An introduction to the most common gaming platforms young people use  

For: whānau, kaiako and members of your community



Customised workshops and consultation services

Where there is interest in particular online safety topics, or specific needs arise, the Netsafe Education Team can customise workshops/presentations or consultations to meet the needs of a wide range of groups, schools and kura.  

Contact us for more information: [email protected]