Planning and Preparing – Online Safety across the year.

Planning and Preparing – Online Safety across the year.

Schools are busy places – there’s always events to plan for, resources to create, initiatives to implement and projects to review.

Netsafe’s Planning and Preparing for Online Safety, Digital Citizenship and Wellbeing across the Year planners have been designed to help.

There are two yearly planners – one for school leaders and e-learning leaders, and one for teachers. Each planner links closely to the key areas of the Netsafe Schools Framework so schools and kura can see at a glance the key actions which will help them develop within the framework and meet the effective indicators of the Netsafe Schools Review Tool.

While the yearly planners help schools to identify and prioritise key tasks throughout the year, we know that every school is different, so it’s important that they are customised to fit the needs and approaches of the school.

School-specific events which complement online safety, digital citizenship and wellbeing can be added, actions reallocated and tasks reshaped as needed.