Digital Safety Management Plan

Netsafe’s Digital Safety Management Plan (DSMP) helps schools to evaluate how digital technology and online platforms contribute to safe learning environments.

It provides schools with a framework to review new apps, platforms, websites and digital technology being considered for use within the learning and teaching environment before they are implemented. This helps schools understand why the technology or online space is being considered, what it’s purpose is, what the rights and responsibilities are for users while also highlighting risks which could arise and steps needed to help mitigate that risk.

It highlights key aspects schools need to consider including:

  • the purpose of the online platform or digital tool for learning
  • the rights and responsibilities of all users
  • any potential issues or risks to be considered, minimised, or managed
  • clear communication with the wider school community
  • transparency and safeguarding of account details and login / passwords etc.

For more information and guidance around the safe and responsible use of digital technologies in schools, refer to the Ministry of Education’s Digital Technologies: Safe and Responsible Use in Schools Guide.