Here at Netsafe we want to support you however we can including with our digital kete. Whether you need to review policies, create a year planner, develop student agreements or helpful content for your newsletters – we have you covered with the Netsafe kete! 

For 2023 we have refreshed our most popular resources to support the mahi you do in you your schools and kura and they are available, free, across Aotearoa from today to support Safer Internet Day (7 February). The following resources are available for download below.

  • Student User Agreements: agreements to cover all year groups that promote preparation, participation and encourage responsibility. 
  • School Policy: this creates an anchor between teachers, students, parents/whānau and the wider community about their understanding of safe online environments. 
  • Staff Guidelines: provides clarity, protection to guide educators and when necessary, support formal processes.  To maximise their value, we recommended that guidelines be developed in conjunction with staff. 
  • Digital Safety Management Plan: evaluates how the digital tech and online platforms use contributes to safe learning environments. 
  • Student Voice Check: a teaching resource that helps you to understand students’ knowledge and confidence when using digital technology. 
  • Responding to Digital Incidents Guide: a quick reference guide to help schools to support affected students and staff. 
  • Educator Framework: a roadmap to develop a culture of online safety and wellbeing across the learning environments. 

Student Agreements

School Policy • Staff guidelines • Digital Safety management Plan

Student Voice • Digital incidents Guide • Educator Framework

Coming soon…  

Newsletters! We are compiling a library of content and images to make it easy to include online safety and digital citizenship in your next school newsletter or social media channels. 

Yearly Planner: for Online Safety, Digital Citizenship and Wellbeing – across the year. This planner highlights key tasks and days of note throughout the year. 

For further support or to request Netsafe come to your school or kura, contact our Education Services Team at [email protected] or our helpline is open seven days a week to support you with any online incidents that arise. Call 0508 NETSAFE