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Romance scams

Romance scammers are good at what they do and can spend months building up trust before they start to ask for sums of money. There’s no fail-proof way to identify a romance scam, but there are signs to look out for.

Sextortion Scams
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Sextortion Scams

Webcam blackmail has evolved as a new way to demand money after video chat sessions are recorded and threats made to publish recordings online

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How to record digital evidence

If you are the target of online bullying, abuse, harassment or criminal behaviour, you may want to capture digital evidence of what’s been going on. While it may seem like deleting the content is the quickest solution, it may be useful to ask Netsafe or a law enforcement agency for advice first. Get our advice on…

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Online scams

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Plain language romance scams

Netsafe and Spectrum Care have written this plain language romance scams guide. It offers advice for people with an intellectual disability, and those who support them. You can read our other plain language guides here.  Romance scams: plain language guide Finding friends online can be fun. Sometimes, that friendship can turn to love. Sadly, some people…

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Facebook Trading Scams

Facebook helps you keep up with family and friends and share what’s going on. It’s also home to popular local ‘buy and sell’ groups, and Facebook pages for businesses. Although a lot of these pages and sellers are genuine, there are some people who use marketplace and trading scams to target people on Facebook. We’ve…

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Tax Scams

Tax scams spike during important dates in the tax calendar. Find out more about common tax scams such as refund emails and overdue tax calls now. When does tax scams peak? Netsafe receives an increased number of scam reports about tax year-round, although these reports often spike around important dates in the tax calendar. This includes dates…

Recent work

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Recent work

Porn Week

Running from November 7-13, Netsafe is launching New Zealand’s first-ever porn week. We are raising awareness about sex, pornography, image sharing, power, consent and our communities’ views. By naming the week, we hope to promote safe and positive online experiences and to remove the taboo of sexual conversations Pornography is available online and through most social media, with little-to-no age…