Netsafe’s new online learning platform launched in March 2023, featuring a suite of new school resources that were co-designed with learners and teachers.

Netsafe has produced these classroom learning resources directly for young people, supporting schools further beyond “lesson plans” by creating interactive resources that can be completed by students during lessons (each online resource comes with facilitator notes for teachers when teachers sign up).

Funded by the Ministry of Education, six micro learning moments (bitesize interactive modules less than 20 minutes long) are now available FREE to Years 9-11 at 

Aimed at Year 9-11 students initially, topics incorporate easily into existing curriculum.

Accompanied by brief teacher notes, these micro lessons can be used in-class to encourage critical thinking around essential topics that young people told us they wanted to prioritise, such as:

  1. “Be Your Selfie” (Let’s think critically about images we see online and discuss how altered images can affect wellbeing)
  2. “Block the Bullies” (Let’s explore how laws in Aotearoa protect us from bullies, what we can do about bullying and who can help us)
  3. “Find your Balance” (Let’s plan how we can get the best out of life on and off-line)
  4. “News or Views” (Let’s investigate how to tell what is real and not real online and what we can do when people share something that isn’t trustworthy)
  5. “Protect your Brand” (Let’s create a reputable online brand and explore how you can respect future you)
  6. “Own your Info” (Let’s explore how the internet learns from us, what that data can be used for and what we can do to take control of our information)


Parents and young people who are home schooling are welcome to use the resources which are available online 24/7.

Similarly siblings and other family members of students in the school community can also enjoy the learning freely – to enable the home and school partnership approach.

Short surveys at the end of each learning moment provide the opportunity to tell us what you think, and we look forward to bringing more resources to schools, homes and businesses across Aotearoa New Zealand based on your feedback!