Netsafe has announced a partnership with New Zealand-born global movement, to raise awareness of the link between online misrepresentation of the human body via unethical retouching, body dysmorphia, and mental health.

The partnership comes at a time when 33% of New Zealand teens spend 4 or more hours online in an average day, and four in ten currently use five or more social media platforms.

While social media is an effective way to connect and share information, it can also be harmful to mental health, and a recent study has shown teenagers who spend more than three hours a day on social media are more likely to develop mental health problems including depression, anxiety, aggression, and antisocial behaviour.

As part of the partnership, which aims to combat unethical retouching, Netsafe and will launch a micro learning module called #beyourselfie into New Zealand secondary schools in early 2023, raising awareness of the need for body positivity and mental health online.