The internet has made it incredibly easy to access pornography and other adult content online.

Some of the more extreme types of sexual content are deemed ‘objectionable material’ under New Zealand law and it is illegal for anyone to possess or look at this kind of content.

What’s the different between legal pornography and illegal sexual content?

Pornography is not illegal in New Zealand but there are age restrictions associated with it (usually 18 years of age).

Then there are other forms of pornography that are illegal. This includes material involving dead people, cruelty, severe violence as well as child or animal abuse that is deemed objectionable.

How to report illegal sexual content or objectionable material

Compete the form on The Department of Internal Affairs website to make a complaint about content that you think is objectionable.

More advice and information

  • Read more about the Films, Videos and Publications Classifications Act 1993 and The Films, Videos and Publications Classification Amendment Act 2005 on the Department of Internal Affairs website.
  • Contact NetSafe if you like further help on 0508 NETSAFE or