Netsafe Schools Review Tool

New for 2024, Netsafe have launched our brand new “Kete by Netsafe” education website. You can see it here:


Our new Kete website allows school leaders and teachers to:

  • Create an easy-link login via your email, allowing you to create your own account/profile
  • From here you can search for materials either by your role (e.g. school leadership tools), by year group you teach (e.g. Year 7-8) or by topic (e.g. Cyberbullying)
  • You can save your favourite resources in your kete, making them easy to find again
  • Included in this new build is a raft of new resources across a range of formats to ensure you can cover every topic at every age. This includes lesson plans as well as classroom-ready materials for students to interact with
  • You can easily share these materials with students from QR codes created on the page


Soon we will add our new self-assessment tool – an interactive tool based on our Educator Framework – allowing you to measure your progress in various areas and serving you up recommendations of the appropriate tools or resources to help you improve in that area. Until then you can access the pdf version of our previous self-assessment tool, now called The Netsafe Educator Framework here



The Netsafe Schools Review Tool helps schools review their online safety, citizenship and wellbeing planning in alignment with the seven key areas identified in the Netsafe Schools Framework.


How the review works


Mahi ngātahi




Te tū māia

Te aromātai

There are four stages of progression that schools can choose from. A school selects the most appropriate stage for them at the time of review.


Areas of focus have been identified and marked as a priority as the school looks to develop effective practice. Indicators marked as scoping should be considered high priority areas for your school.


Approaches across the school are defined and documented. You have implemented the basics but could adjust or add activities to make your approach more proactive and strategic.


Planning is proactive. Policies and procedures are well-defined, documented and clearly communicated across the school community. Your approaches are planned with staff, students and community in mind and there are some opportunities for them to contribute.


Planning including reviewing and improving activities is viewed as a strategic initiative. Policies and procedures are well-defined, documented, consistently implemented and reviewed for improvement. Online safety, digital citizenship and wellbeing practices are created with staff, students and community.

What happens after you’ve used the Netsafe Schools Review Tool?

The outcomes from your review determine your tier accreditation and it automatically populates your Netsafe Schools Planner. The planner allows you to select the areas you identify as a focus for further development, then indicates actions that support positive change.

When you’re comfortable you’ve implemented the changes in your planner, you can undertake another Netsafe Schools Review  to assess your progress and potentially reach the next tier.

How often can I complete a Netsafe Schools Review?

A school can complete a new Netsafe Schools Review Tool at any time to assess their progress.