Brent Carey

Brent Carey
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Brent joined Netsafe as the CEO in early May 2022.

Brent has broad and extensive experience in regulatory, privacy, safety and response environments. Along with a good understanding of both local and global online industries and a commitment to community safety. He has previously held senior positions at the Australian Telecommunications Ombudsman and the Victorian Department of Justice.

As New Zealand’s previous Domain Name Commissioner, Brent has promoted and advocated for fairness in the .nz domain name market and led responses to domain name abuse.

Brent brings strong stakeholder management experience and technical awareness to the role of Netsafe CEO and is a member of several international bodies, including the International Council for Online Dispute Resolution and the crisis response working group of the Global Internet Forum to Counter-Terrorism.

Locally, his memberships include the Arbitrators’ and Mediators’ Institute, the Institute of Company Directors and Te Āti Awa iwi. He is currently a member of the Executive Committee of Rainbow Wellington and a founder of Taranaki-based, Green Meadows Beef.