This factsheet is part of a larger quantitative research project led by Netsafe in partnership with the Ministry for Women exploring New Zealand teens’ experiences of digital risk and harm. It presents findings about the support sought by 14 to 17-year-olds who experienced unwanted digital communications in the prior year. More specifically, it reports on who they turned to for support, the reasons for their choice, and the perceived usefulness of any help they received.

The findings highlight the important role that family (particularly parents) and close friends play in the actions teenagers take to cope with online incidents.

This factsheet is for parents and educators who are seeking to better understand teens’ experiences of online risks and challenges, and to provide appropriate support to teens in their care. For service providers and government agencies these evidence-based insights can inform policy development and help to improve prevention and service delivery to young New Zealanders, so they can take advantage of new technologies while safely navigating the digital environment.


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