Learn Guide Protect Framework

The Learn Guide Protect (LGP) framework recognises that striking the right balance of promotion and protection activities and strategies requires schools to consider factors such as students’ ages, teacher capability and levels of community engagement. Netsafe’s Learn Guide Protect framework draws from this idea.  It is organised into three themes:


Learn: Students develop the competencies and values to keep themselves and others safe online — promote; and



Guide: The programmes, practice and resources put in place to support student learning and develop a culture of positive digital technology at school and in the wider community — promote; and



Protect: Technical methods to restrict or monitor online access and school developed policies that underpin a safe and secure digital learning environment.

Why is the Learn Guide Protect framework important to the Kit?

Netsafe’s Learn Guide Protect framework provides schools with a simple tool to foster discussion about the emphasis they are placing on each pathway.

The Learn Guide Protect framework is based on the assumption that protective measures are more important and effective for younger people. Teacher and parent/whānau guidance provides the foundation for developing digital safety skills and knowledge.

As students develop and learn, the need for self-managing opportunities grows while the effectiveness of protective measures drops off.