This is step three of our Online Gaming Whānau Toolkit. You can find all other steps as accessible web content here.

Explore gaming

Tour games, apps, and consoles your child is using.

This will improve your knowledge and foster understanding of challenges your child could face. Have a go at playing with, or alongside, your enthusiastic gamer.

Don’t turn a blind eye

Young people will use technology – if not at home, then at their friends’ houses, school, or other places. The things you do to understand how they play will help minimise harm when you are not around.

Ask your child to show you how their game or console works

This is an easy way to start a gaming-specific conversation. Ask them about the games their friends play. Ask them to explain how they keep themselves safe, what features they use and how they protect their identity.

Make sure you take time to read about the functions, safety settings, and terms and conditions

These will explain how old someone should be before using a game, what happens to information your child provides, and whether in-game purchases are possible.

Online Gaming Whānau Toolkit

This is the third step in our seven-step framework Online Gaming Whānau Toolkit. It’s designed to help parents and whānau with digital parenting in a rapidly changing world.

You can will find the other steps as accessible individual pages here, or download the full Online Whānau Gaming Toolkit (PDF, 37MB).


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