This is step six of our Online Gaming Whānau Toolkit. You can find all other steps as accessible web content here.

Be a role model

Young people always watch what happens around them, so try not to be a hypocrite.

Take a look at the way technology is used by people in your home.

Ask yourself, ‘are there patterns, behaviours or activities that might need to be rethought?’. For example, are you on technology at dinner? Are you being courteous with people you are engaging with online? Are you spending long periods of time on your phone or console but asking your child to regulate their usage?

It can be hard to set expectations for family when you are not doing it yourself, and this may cause conflict.

Sometimes it can be useful to explain why you are doing something, such as sending a work email. This allows them to see it as different from their activity online.

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Online Gaming Whānau Toolkit

This is the sixth step in our seven-step framework Online Gaming Whānau Toolkit. It’s designed to help parents and whānau with digital parenting in a rapidly changing world.

You can will find the other steps as accessible individual pages here, or download the full Online Whānau Gaming Toolkit (PDF, 37MB).


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