How to stay safe online: Google

Advice on how to stay safe online using Google products and services


Technology is a big part of life these days, and it’s really important that we all have the skills we need to be responsible, safe and smart online.

Responsible: Respect the community and be a positive contributor

Safe: Be aware of the risks and how to manage them

Smart: Get tech and information literate at

SafeSearch with Google

Google wants you to find exactly what you’re looking for in Google Search results and nothing more. Google SafeSearch helps you manage your search results so they don’t include sexually explicit websites and images. It’s a smart and simple way to protect you and your family from unwanted search material.

Easy control

The choice is simple with SafeSearch. It can either be “ON” or “OFF”. Clear imagery lets you know at a glance if SafeSearch is switched on.

Start your SafeSearch today.

Setting up SafeSearch is easy.

  1. Visit the Search Settings page at;
  2. In the sexually explicit video and images from Google Search result pages, as well as results that might link to explicit content; and
  3. Make sure to click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Clear imagery lets you know at a glance if SafeSearch is switched on.

Goolge has provided this advice for keeping yourself safe when using their services. This content is adapted from “Staying Safe Online” which is available to download here.

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