Advances in technology and higher bandwidth internet connections has increased the ability for people to connect, driven improvements in productivity, helped social inclusion, enhanced innovation and introduced new ways to play and be entertained.

Nowhere is the rate and impact of this change felt more than eGaming.

The interactive games and entertainment industry is one of the fastest growing in the world. This is because the evolution of the gaming landscape makes it easy and attractive for gamers of all ages to play at anytime, anywhere and with anyone.

The variety of choices available and the range of motives for playing are encouraging an increasing number of people to become ‘gamers’. Although, like any aspect of life, it does come with some risk.

This paper explores the challenges and opportunities that come with eGaming and the ways it intersects with online safety. The aim is to identify areas of focus and potential partnerships that will ultimately empower gamers to have a safer and more engaging experience.


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