Guiding young people’s learning in the digital world

NetSafe’s ‘Learn, Guide, Protect’ model was originally developed for schools to provide a framework to structure their prevention strategies around. However, it is broadly application to anyone engaged in supporting young people develop safe and responsible online behaviours. It has three components:

  1. Learn: Students develop the competencies and values to keep themselves and others safe online. These are part of the broader concept of ‘digital citizenship’.
  2. Guide: The programmes, practice and resources put in place to support student learning and develop a culture of positive digital technology at school and in the wider community. For example, integrating online safety into the school curriculum, developing teacher and leadership capability, strengthening relationships with family and whānau and engaging students in planning and delivery.
  3. Protect: Technical methods to restrict or monitor online access and school developed policies that underpin a safe and secure digital learning environment. For example, incident response plan and reporting channels, school policies and technical restrictions or monitoring of online access.

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