He waka eke noa
A canoe which we are all in with no exception

Netsafe is celebrating Netsafety Week on the 25-29th of July. Netsafety Week is an opportunity to raise awareness about the safe and positive use of technology and we are excited to share some new digital resources to encourage kōrero around online safety and rangatahi hauora (wellbeing) online, as well as a variety of other events people can participate in.

Please visit our latest events page to find out about our other activities and to become a supporter of Netsafety Week 2022.

By becoming a supporter you’re helping us connect people in Aotearoa with the information they need to keep them and their whānau safe. Anything you can do to spread the word helps and we’d love to have you join us. We’ve created a supporter toolkit to help promote Netsafety Week 2022 including key messages and supporter graphic assets.

If you’ve got ideas about how your organisation could amplify the Netsafety Week’s diversity matters message or would like to include something in our virtual event bag, email us at [email protected]

We will continue to add to this page as more resources become available. Just click on the image below to download the resource you’d like to save.

Netsafety Week Activities for Tamariki


  • A chatterbox game asking questions about online wellbeing that ākonga can cut out and play with friends
  • 3 mindful colouring sheets
  • Design a laptop sticker competition with great prizes. Learn more here
Where to get help
Hauora Chatterbox Template
Mindful colouring sheets X3Mindful colouring pages x3 Competition
Design a laptop sticker

TikTok Safety Guide for Guardians- Online Challenges

TikTok Safety Guide For Guardians: Online Challenges

Te Reo
He Aratohu Haumaru TikTok Mā Ngā Kaitiaki: Ngā Wero Tuihono

Taiala Saogalemu TikTok Mo Tagata o lo o Vaaia Faaletulafono: Luitau Tau Initaneti

Fakahinohino ki he Malu ‘i he Tik Tok Ma‘á e Kau Tauhí: Ngaahi Pole ‘o e ‘Initanetí (Online Challenges)


Easy read Spectrum Care resources

Where to get help
Easy Read where to get help
Online RelationshipsEasy-Read Online Relationships

5 tips to keep safe online5 tips to be happy online


Digital Tactics resources thanks to Women’s Refuge

Digital Tactics Advocacy Booklet
What young women say about abuse & their phones: preview of digital tactics booklet

Digital Tactics Poster #1
Partner abuse and your phone, illustration of hand holding phone and series of descriptions of partner abuse

Digital Tactics Poster #2
Illustration of laptop with Possible tech tips to support safety after separation

Name the Abuse factsheet created by Women’s Online Safety Partnership

Name the Abuse Factsheet

CERT NZ’s translated cyber security resources

To help protect more New Zealanders, CERT NZ has translated and adapted their simple cyber security steps into eight different languages and five alternate formats. Learn more here


Online Gaming Whanau Toolkit

EnglishOnline Gaming Whanau Toolkit Te ReoTe Purei Kēmu Tuihono Kete mā te Whānau  

Simplified Chinese网络游戏 家庭工具包


Taaloga i luga o le Initaneti Toolkit mo le Aiga

Keimi ‘i he ‘Initanetí Me‘angāue Tokoni ma‘á e Fāmili