Microsoft and NetSafe Campaign against phone scammers

Microsoft and NetSafe run a PR Campaign and media placement to raise awareness about cold calling PC repair phone scammers

In September 2015, NetSafe and Microsoft New Zealand joined forces to run an awareness campaign targeting phone scammers that call with an offer to ‘fix’ aspects of people’s computers. In recent years these phone scammers have been undertaking increasingly malicious activity, and the average loss for people drawn into the scam has risen steeply.

A joint press release generated considerable media coverage, and advertisements were placed in newspapers in an attempt to reach an audience that not have been reached through online media in the past.

The phone scammers use trusted brands like Microsoft and Spark when calling, but it is important to note that these companies have not in any other way facilitated the scam. Microsoft’s investment in this campaign shows a commitment that extends beyond simple brand protection, and NetSafe recognises and commends this contribution to New Zealanders online safety.

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