The Netsafe team is being schooled on all things Gen Z thanks to the arrival of Sarisha and Bhaj, our Summer interns, from our Youth Action Squad. They’re upskilling on all things online safety and working with us to help us develop content and resources for rangatahi made by rangatahi. Haere mai!

Meet our interns


I have had the honour of being a Netsafe Intern over the summer and have loved every moment of it. As I am studying a business degree focusing on management and law, I have found it awesome to implement what I have learnt at university into the workplace, in multiple different ways. It has been a good experience to be able to link what I have learnt in my law papers to the main law that Netsafe works with, the Harmful Digital Communications Act.  

Part of my role as an intern is to review and give feedback on resources and platforms for young people, to ensure that they get the internet safety messages they need to hear and can access help in the easiest form possible. It is nice to know that I can help the voices of young people to be heard and I have learnt a lot so far in this role. It has been great fun being able to do this in an office environment, different from the usual retail and fast-food jobs.

I am excited to see what else we can achieve over the period of the internship and beyond.


My internship has been a very new, fun and exciting experience. Throughout the past two weeks, I’ve learnt from and experienced things that I wouldn’t have imagined doing, ever. As this has been my first office experience, I had no idea what to expect. I’ve slowly gotten used to the more relaxed but focused work culture. While working in an office is flexible, I learnt that it’s important to manage time well. Some days are filled with meetings and planning for projects while other days are about getting work done. You have to plan what you need to do ahead of time.

I never expected to learn about marketing, but it has been a core part of my internship experience. I learnt new terms like brand awareness, stakeholders, SEO and eDMs. I experienced how campaigns, like the recent Christmas campaign, are developed and created (and even took a small part in it). This side of Netsafe is just one out of the many other areas of Netsafe, like the contact centre, research and analytics. I’m very eager to keep on experiencing and learning new skills while working at Netsafe, along with helping Netsafe to better connect with youth.

We had our first experience in a recording studio for the Christmas campaign (and might have sung a little bit 😉).