Shop Safe this International Fraud Awareness Week

It’s International Fraud Awareness Week, and Netsafe has partnered with the Domain Name Commission to bring New Zealanders safer online shopping tips to combat fraud. It’s a great time to shop online and to remind...
parent or pornhub

Is porn the new sex education?

Launching New Zealand’s first Porn Week Porn is something most people prefer not to talk about. It’s looked down on in our communities and something believed to best be kept to yourself. Through the years, that secrecy hasn’t changed but with new technology, pornography has found its way...

From the CEO: an offshore view on our world

One of my priorities when starting at Netsafe was to reconnect the organisation to our global online safety communities.  It was therefore timely that I was invited by Internal Affairs Minister Jan Tinetti to join...

How to increase your digital security

Romance, investment, property, and phishing are just some ways kiwis are getting scammed out of their hard-earned money. Everyone thinks, ‘it won’t happen to me’ until it does. Last quarter, Netsafe reported over 13 million...

My first 100 days

Earlier this year, I made one of those ‘change job’ decisions and gave up my role as the Domain Name Commissioner to come onboard as Netsafe’s CEO.  Becoming Netsafe’s CEO means getting to know more people and being out...

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