Netsafe’s Director of Technology and Partnerships, Sean Lyons, breaks down the new 2017 Norton Cyber Security Insights Report.

Today the 2017 Norton Cyber Security Insights Report was released. It shows that one million NZ adults were affected by cybercrime last year – that’s one third of the NZ adult online population. Globally, the report found that 978 million people were affected by cybercrime. Of the one million in NZ who said they were affected, 56% were affected in the past year.

The report also showed that Kiwi cybercrime victims lost a combined total of more than NZ$177 million and spent over nine hours dealing with the aftermath on average. 82% weren’t able to recover the lost money, and those who were able to recover losses only received a fraction of what they lost.

The findings showed that millennials were the most common victims of cybercrime in New Zealand. 49% of millennials don’t have any security measures on their phones, and they are the age group most likely to share their passwords. The report also revealed that more than half of millennials had shared their passwords.

Globally, cybercrime victims share a similar profile. The report shows they’re everyday people who use multiple devices whether at home or on the go, but have a blind spot when it comes to cyber security basics. This group tends to use the same password across multiple accounts or share it with others.

So, what does the report tell us in a nutshell? Despite the risk of cybercrime being regularly reported in the media, a lot of people feel invincible online. Many Kiwis aren’t taking even the most basic measures to protect themselves online.  At the very least, we should all be thinking about the basic safety measures we can take to keep ourselves safe.

Sean has created a quick list of tips to help protect yourself online. 

Tips for online safety basics

  1. Use strong passwords, use a different password for every account and don’t share your passwords.
  2. Use two-factor or multi-factor authentication on every online account – it’s an extra layer of security to protect yourself.
  3. Protect your personal information and think about who you give it to and where you enter it online.
  4. Always install updates on your operating system and other programmes to keep your devices protected.
  5. Install a good antivirus and keep it up to date.
  6. Only use trusted WiFi connections – especially when creating and logging into online accounts, making payments or accessing online banking.


Sean Lyons is the Director of Technology and Partnerships at Netsafe, and is responsible for the development of technology and strategic partnerships. Sean comes from a background in the IT industry and the education sector having spent part of his career as a classroom teacher and school leader. He is incredibly knowledgeable about online challenges and is responsible for Netsafe’s programme to combat child sexual exploitation material. Meet the rest of the Netsafe team.

More information

About the Norton Cyber Security Insights Report

The Norton Cyber Security Insights Report is an online survey of 21,549 individuals ages 18+ across 20 markets, commissioned by Norton by Symantec and produced by research firm Reputation Leaders. The margin of error for the total sample is +/-.7%. The New Zealand sample reflects input from 1,009 adults ages 18+. The margin of error is +/- 3.1% for the total New Zealand sample. Data was collected 5-24 October 2017 by Reputation Leaders. Find more about the report on the Norton website.